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PROFARM AFRICA LTD is a medium sized agribusiness company situated in Nairobi, Kenya to serve small and medium scale farmers in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda. Our core business is importation, branding, marketing, sales and distribution of agricultural chemicals and water soluble speciality fertilizers.

Our goal is to provide effective, environmentally safe agricultural products that positively impact African farmers and our focus crops are coffee, grains and horticulture.

Our promise is, to deliver high quality agricultural products and brands; selected or acquired from international and national manufacturers and sold at reasonable and fair prices. The company’s social responsibility programmes and activities focus on sustainable agriculture, sports and protection of the environment.

Our essence statement... “we are different, focused, unique and we respect our customers, suppliers, employees and all other stakeholders.

Currently, the following are some of our agricultural products and brands;

A) Agricultural Chemicals  

  1. AlfaGOLD 100EC (Alphacypermethrin 100g/l), insecticides for insect pests in french beans, fruit bearing crops and vegetables.
  2. profarm 2,4-D ( 720g/l 2,4-D salt), a weed killer for the control of broad leaved weeds in maize, sorghum, wheat, barley, rice, coffee, pastures and lawns.
  3. Champflo SC= BLUE COPPER ( a superior and premium liquid copper hydroxide formulation for bacterial blights control in horticultural crops.)
  4. Clinic 480 SL (Glyphosate 480 g/l salt), a post emergence, non selective and systemic knockdown herbicide for control of grasses and broad leaf weeds in tea, sugarcane, coffee, wheat and maize crops.
  5. Farmathoate 40 EC ( Dimethoate 40%w/v –Blue), a contact and systemic organophosphorus insecticide and acaricide for control of sucking, biting and chewing pests in coffee, grains, and vegetables.

B) Water Soluble Speciality Fertilizers

  1. PROFARM FOLIA + (NPK 26-6-12 + 2%MgO + T.E)= premium formula for vegetative growth stages of horticulture, wheat, rice, barley and maize
  2. profarm CALMAG ( calcium and magnesium liquid solution for coffee and horticultural crops )
  3. Profolia GOLD ( special blend for coffee and fruit bearing crops )
  4. Profolia POTA ( superior blend for flowering and fruiting stages in horticultural crops )
  5. SANGRASS (premium zero phosphorous fertilizer specially designed for pastures, lawns, golf course fairways and greens )
  6. SANORGANIK ( organic soil conditioner and plant growth regulator)
  7. Mairol (special for early and late stages of vegetative growth in floriculture and high value crops)
  8. HORTAL (special composition for early and late stages of flowers and fruit development in high value crops)
  9. Potmag-S (potassium, magnesium and sulphur in a balanced ration for plant growth and development in coffee, fruits and vegetable crops)


.. profarm ‘brand’ stands for ‘respect , integrity and innovation’..


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